History of emeralds

Itic January 23, 2023 The Emerald History of emeralds Some evidence and tales tell us about the exploitation of Emeralds thousands of years ago, their use in religious rituals and as a token of hierarchy by the natives of the territories that today constitute the mining regions of Colombia, but the most supported historical remains …

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Topaz Minemeralds

Itic January 19, 2023 MinEmeralds Library Pyrite Etymology Pyrite has the property of generating sparks if hit with a metal object, and its name comes from this characteristic, the Greek root “pyr” meaning fire due to mineral trade in different cultures and phonetic changes, it derived to the word pyrite as we know it today. …

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Topaz Minemeralds

Itic January 19, 2023 MinEmeralds Library Topaz Term´s origins The origins of the term topaz are inaccurate, as it derives from the Sanskrit word tapas (fire) or the Greek topazios (search). Via Old French: topace and Latin: topazus. Pliny the Elder (naturalist, scientist, philosopher, and roman military) said that topazos is a legendary island in the Red Sea and the mineral “topaz” was first …

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Taste-safe sensory nulla dignissim

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Exploring the duis lacus turpis faucibus

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