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Before writing this article on our website, we discussed a great deal about the kind of information we wanted to provide to our customers or anyone who was interested in buying an Emerald, so they will not be victims of deceit or disappointed for not receiving the gem they wanted in exchange for their money the gem. We reviewed the minimal technical aspects that must be known before purchasing an Emerald, different existing retail channels, and even the tips that are usually given to people when buying gems, especially Emeralds, all to reach a simple but accurate conclusion: trying to instruct with some tips to any person to make them feel knowledgeable enough to buy an Emerald is an error that increases the risk for the buyer, so, although we respect and value the efforts made by some companies to provide information on the aspects to be considered for the purchase of Emeralds, we insist on the most fundamental point and that is, to purchase Emeralds or Emerald jewelry only to serious companies that have the ability to guarantee and vouch for the quality of each of its gems. Please be aware of the following:

  1. Buy only from companies in which you trust and from which you may have some reference, or from those who have agreements and settlements with recognized and prestigious institutions in the world of gems that can verify their professionalism.
  2. When dealing with a serious or trustworthy company issuing their own gemological certificates for the sale of its gems, accept them, but keep in mind that if it is an important purchase you should talk with your supplier about the possibility of obtaining a certificate from an independent and recognized laboratory which holds some kind of international prestige.
  3. Colombian Emeralds are the most valuable and are internationally recognized for their quality and beauty. It is common to see in the market, that some sellers without business ethics are pretending to pass Emeralds from other sources for Colombian Emeralds in order to benefit from their prestige and value; therefore it is advisable to buy directly to recognized Colombian producers from their direct distributors or from companies with a certificate from a prestigious independent laboratory certifying the origin of the gem.
  4. Colombian Emeralds show some typical inclusions that characterize them and that can be observed in a binocular loupe of 40x. Some of the inclusions that appear in the Colombian Emeralds are; Dentated triphasic (inclusion of liquid, gas and solid state cubic crystal), Parisite-(Ce), golden crystals of pyrite or albite hexagonal plates, these inclusions appear in Colombian Emeralds depending on the reservoir where they are found. It is important to consult a laboratory or a trusted gemologist for a proper observation and identification of the inclusions.
  5. There are on the market, synthetic Emeralds, which have very similar characteristics to natural Emeralds that are difficult to recognize even for people with knowledge on the subject; this makes us recommend avoiding acquiring Emeralds from free agents who are not backed by a reputable company. As we say in Colombia, “cheap is expensive”.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any orientation or guide when buying Colombian Emeralds. At minEmeralds, we want to help so you have the certainty and confidence that you are buying a genuine Emerald, which is certainly a wonder of nature and is part of one of the three colored gemstones, along with sapphires and rubies.

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