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The Emeralds and the VIPs

Celebrities wearing exquisite Emeralds

It is no secret that Emeralds have been, throughout history, one of the most desired gems by women and have been worn by the most representative ladies of royalty and showbiz, today, thanks to the advances in the stoning techniques, a better use of uncut Emeralds can be achieved to make gems as incredible as the following:

Angelina Jolie, 2009 Oscar Awards

At the 2009 Oscar Ceremony Awards, Angelina dazzled everyone wearing a stunning Emerald ring of 65 carats, and pear shaped earrings, perfectly balanced of 115 ct valued at 2, 5 million dollars, in total, 5 amazing Colombian Emeralds.

Julianne Moore, 2010 Golden Globe Awards

At Golden Globe Awards in 2010, Julianne Moore displayed a spectacular pair of Emerald earrings, for some, as or more impressive than the ones worn by Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Oscars.

Sofía Vergara, 2011 Emmy Awards

Two Colombian prides at the Emmy Awards 2011 awards, our beautiful Sofia Vergara with her spectacular set of Colombian Emeralds. No doubt, the choice of the dress to match her Emeralds were the key to being chosen as the Best Dressed 2011 Emmy Awards; congratulations Sofia.

Julia Roberts, Cannes Film Festival 2016

She was the sensation of the Cannes festival for her exquisite Chopard jewelry including a necklace with a magnificent Emerald and diamonds of 52,75ct. Julia showed when walking barefoot, that glamor is carried in the blood stealing all eyes and public praise, clearly the Emerald had much to do with it.

Trapiche Emerald

Emeralds are rare gems and very limited in nature and among them, the Trapiches Emeralds are very difficult to find in the yearly production, in fact, they only can be found in the Colombian mines.

Although the Trapiche Emerald is not particularly famous but a variety, we name it in this summary of famous Emeralds for being a truly unique and beautiful gem. Trapiches Emeralds are formed by hexagonal prisms with impurities of carbonated inclusions, probably due to temperature increase in the earth in the glass formation process and commonly resulting in a star shape. It takes its name, due to the similarity in shape, from the pinions of the juicer machine used in sugar cane plantations.

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