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Incredible Emeralds found in their natural state

Colombia has produced from the colonial era to the present day, amazing Emeralds that have been recognized and admired all over the world, some of them are named in honor of their discoverer. Meet some of the most famous Emeralds found in the Colombian mines:

Emerald Guinness Record

Another of the best known mining areas of the Colombian Emeralds is Coscuez, which makes its contribution to the list of famous Emeralds from Colombia with the Emerald Guinness Record, which has a weight of 1759 carats and although larger Emeralds have been found, its name remains for what it meant at the time, being the reason why the Republican Bank of Colombia made a great effort to keep it in the country, as a sign of our wealth.

Emerald Emilia

In Colombia, incredible Emeralds have been found with amazing sizes in which the Emerald La Emilia stands at a weight of just over 3 pounds, certainly it is within the 5 largest Emeralds found so far. This wonderful sample of size and beauty is called La Emilia by the woman who discovered it in 1969 in the municipality of Gachalá in Colombia. No doubt it is a magnificent crystal Emerald, which is part of the history of the Emerald and forms the group of the most amazing and famous Colombian Emeralds.

Emerald Patricia

Just as in the Gachalá mines, some of the most famous and amazing Colombian Emeralds as Emilia and Gachala have been found with a weight of more than 800 carats, the Chivor mines are not left behind and inside the wonders they produced, we can find the Patricia Emerald, a stunning dihexagonal glass of 632 carats, 8 cm high and 5, 5 cm in diameter, which was found at the beginning of the second decade of the XX century by Justo Daza and sold to Fritz Klein.

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